About Us

JIMMYJOHN has been a project that we have wanted to bring to life for many years. A long term ambition to start and create our own business has finally driven us to this point, on the verge of our official launch as I write, in the autumn of 2019!

JIMMYJOHN is a team of vastly experienced illustrators, graphic designers, DTG print professionals, point of sale experts, web designers and SEO specialists, who have all come together to create a fun, exciting, accessible to all brand, that we feel has fantastic longevity and will have a huge appeal in the premium apparel market.

Focusing primarily on the BMX / Skate / Graffiti / DJ and Surf markets, JIMMYJOHN has developed organically over time, from what initially started out as a simple, custom t-shirt design business. During that time, the JIMMYJOHN “brand” has grown to the point now where we have 5 incredible characters that have formed the JIMMYJOHN & Friendz sub-brand! JIMMYJOHN (our main monkey character) has always been the focus, but as mentioned earlier here, the strength of him as an “appeal to all” character has enabled us to develop the brand even further, adding new characters that make JIMMYJOHN even stronger!

When you combine that mix of fun, loveable characters, sick artworks, superb DTG printing and premium garments, you get JIMMYJOHN!

We cannot wait for you to enjoy our brand and we hope that you will all stay with us on what looks like an incredible journey for the brand.

Don’t forget to keep up to date on all of our social media platforms (links and LIVE Insta feed on our homepage). If you love JIMMYJOHN, feel free to tell all of your friends and family about us. Follow / Like and Share posts on our Instagram! Upload your own photos of you wearing your JIMMYJOHN garment. Spread the word and let the world know about JIMMYJOHN & Friendz!

New designs and exciting developments on their way in the coming months…

Until then,

Best wishes,

Steve Edwards

Founder / Visionary / CEO