Our Ethos

JIMMYJOHN is a company founded on a love of our environment. We wanted to create a business that is conscious and mindful of its own carbon footprint. Our production facility is here in the UK, to help to keep that footprint to a minimum. We made a pretty major decision from the very beginning of this project that we were going to be 100% paperless. We wanted to focus on being vegan friendly and to use materials in our packaging and inks in our printing processes that are environmentally friendly, recycled and biodegradable. We deeply care for this incredible planet that we call our home and if we can do our part in helping to make it a better place to live, then we have truly achieved!

Each JIMMYJOHN garment is shipped with a recycled brown cardboard swing tag attached to it with string rather than plastic! We made a conscious effort not to send our garments out in plastic β€œpoly” bags to help reduce non-recyclable waste. Our company business cards are actually made from cotton t-shirt off-cuts, instead of paper, to help save our precious rainforests! We love doing our bit to help the environment and we hope to encourage you all to help us too by advertising our initiatives on our website and on our social media platforms!


Reuse / Reduce / Recycle.

Save Our Planet!